Methodology for Project Engineering of a Typical Power Plant

At the onset of a project a multi-disciplinary team of Engineers comprising Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation and Environmental will appraise the project and converge their efforts to deliver engineered documentation and drawings.

    • Determination of power evacuation for electricity generated to State/Interstate grid. System studies to ensure adequacy of grid would be undertaken.
    • Consumptive water system: Source of intake from River / Reservoir / Lake etc. Cross-country pipeline and other infrastructure.
    • Fuel source and its analysis, transportation from source to site, handling and storage at site.
    • Road & Rail connectivity.
    • Stack flue gas dispersion studies
    • Ash Pond Water recovery system
    • Plant Effluent and Sewage treatment and recycling.
    • Acoustics
    • Disaster Management studies
    • Geo Technical investigations to determine soil characteristics to conceptualize
      • Type of foundations and
      • Safeguard viz. sulphates, chlorides etc.
    • System studies for
      • Fault level and
      • Power flow.
    • Hydrological studies
    • Hydraulic studies for Circulating Water Pump House
    • Wind Tunnel studies for tall structures like Chimney and Natural Draft Cooling Towers.
    • Preparation of a Plot Plan depicting the disposition of each key equipment / system / facility required for the installation.
    • To dovetail the switchyard with the transmission line corridor.
    • Connectivity with road and rail network in the near vicinity.
    • Develop an in-plant railway marshalling yard to receive / park coal rakes.
    • To route the consumptive water make up line from the offsite make-up water pump house to the in plant reservoir.
    • To prepare a composite water scheme for optimum utilization of various categories of water viz. raw, clarifier, service, D.M., effluent etc.
    • To prepare a master single line diagram for electrical distribution for all voltage levels.
    • To prepare a Station, Control & Instrumentation architecture.

    • Design Basis Report for each system General Arrangement Drawings:
    • General Arrangement Drawings:
      • Turbine Building all floors including the Central Control Room with disposition of equipment / facilities.
      • General Arrangement of Boiler Area Plan with disposition of Boiler, I D & FD Fans, Chimney, Draft duct etc.
      • General Arrangement of Transformer yard with disposition of Generator, Station & Unit Auxiliary Transformers, their respective bus ducts, Fire Fighting pipes, Cable trenches between Switchyard and Power House etc.
      • General Arrangement of Switchyard layout with Control Room, metering equipment, interconnecting transformers, as required and outgoing feeders.
      • General Arrangement of all Auxiliary Buildings viz. C.W. Pump house, Pretreatment Plant, D.M. Plant, Air Compressors, Coal Handling Plant, Ash Handling Plant, Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plant/s, Hydrogen Generation Plant, work shop building, store sheds, D.G. Sets etc.
    • Flow Schemes for all systems / sub-systems.
    • Technical Specifications with sizing criteria for procurement of equipment.
    • Techno-Commercial appraisal of bid/s received for equipment.
    • Participate in negotiation with equipment supplier/s and to further assist the client in finalization of purchase order/s.
    • Vendor drawing and document review to ensure conformity to specification and performance parameter/s of the respective Purchase Order / Contract/s.
    • Update G.A. drawings to incorporate equipment, piping, cable trenches / trays etc for preparation of construction drawings.


    • Basic Engineering Deliverables
      • Technical Specification for Site Survey and Contour Plan along with Site Plan Drawing and BOQ.
      • Technical Specification for Geotechnical Specification including BOQ and drawing.
      • Wind Load assessment as per Wind Load Code.
      • Seismic Load assessment as per Earthquake Load Code.
      • Site Rainfall and Temperature data.
      • Design Basis Report.
    • Tender Engineering Deliverables
      • Finalization of Packaging philosophy.
      • Technical Specification and BOQ for various packages along with Tender drawings.
      • Bid clarification, Bid analysis and final recommendation.
      • Technical specification for BOP packages viz Coal Handling, Ash Handling Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Cooling Tower etc.
    • Detailed Engineering
      • Preparation of Design and Construction drawings for Power House Building including, GTG Foundation/TG foundation, BFP foundation, CEP foundation, Crane Girder etc.
      • Design and drawings of Single / Multi Flue RCC Chimney.
      • Transformer yard.
      • Boiler, ESP, Fans, Duct support and Mill foundations, including Bunkers, Mill & Bunker Building.
      • Balance of Plant drawings for Cooling Water System, F.O. system, ACW system etc.
      • Roads, Drainage, Boundary Wall, Security Wall, Gate & Security complex, Admin & Canteen Building, Workshop, Sewerage, ETP etc.
      • Review and approval of BOP package design and drawings.
      • Preparation of Architectural Drawings including Colour Scheme.
      • Preparation of As-built drawings.


    • Conceptual Engineering:
      • Preliminary Load List
      • Preliminary One Line Diagram
      • Load Flow / Short Circuit Study Report
      • Main Equipment Sizing
      • Preliminary Electrical Equipment / Switchgears Layouts
      • Block Logic Diagrams
      • Design Basis Reports
    • Procurement Engineering:
      • Procurement Specifications & BOQ of Electrical Equipments / Systems
      • Pre-bid & Post-bid clarifications / discussions
      • Bid analysis and recommendations
      • Contract Specifications
      • Vendor document review
      • Inspection at Manufacturer’s Works, inspection/test reports
    • Detailed Engineering:
      • Electrical Equipment / switchgear /switchyard/transformer yard layouts & sections
      • Earthing system design & layouts
      • Detailed load list & feeder lists for switchgears, MCCs, DBs
      • HV / LV Power cable sizing & layout
      • Cable carrier system design and detailed cabling layouts
      • Design of illumination system and areawise illumination layouts & details
      • Lightning protection layouts
      • Plant inter communication system layouts
      • Equipment hookup / interconnection drawings
      • Power & Control Cable Listing & Cable Schedules
      • Relay Settings Schedules & Protection Co-ordination Charts
      • Site Erection & Commissioning Instructions
      • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
      • As-built drawings


    • Basic design deliverables
      • Design Basis Report
      • Control Valve Sizing
      • Flow Element Sizing
    • Tender Purpose deliverables
      • Purchase Specifications & BOQ
        • Field Instrumentation Items
        • Measuring Instruments
        • Final Control Elements
        • Analytical Measurements
        • Instrumentation Cables
        • Erection Hardware
      • DCS, PLC and Relay Based Control System Specifications
      • System Configuration Diagrams
      • UPS Specification & Single Line Diagrams
      • Steam and Water Analytical System (SWAS) Specification and P&ID
      • Continuous Emission Monitoring System Specification
      • Lab Instruments & Testing Instruments Specification
      • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS) Specifications
      • Plant Security Surveillance System Specification & System Configuration Diagram
      • Vibration Monitoring System & Online Computer Aided Microprocessor Based Machinery Maintenance System (OCAMMMS).
      • Station LAN and Management Information System.
      • Computerized Maintenance and Inventory Management System (CMIMS)
      • Master Clock System
      • Simulator
      • 24V DC System
    • Detailed Engineering Documents
      • DCS / PLC System Configuration
      • DCS / PLC Input / Output List
      • Instrument List
      • Logic Diagrams
      • Closed Loop Control Schemes
      • Cable Instrumentation Diagrams
      • Cable Schedules
      • Instrument Hook-Up Diagrams
      • Instrument Loop Diagrams
      • Control Room Layout
      • Control Console Layout
      • JB Schedules
      • JB Location Plan
      • Quality Plans
    • As-Built Drawings
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