For any new project, DESEIN initially performs a study to establish techno-economic feasibility of the project. Once the project is found to be feasible, a detailed bankable report is prepared covering most suitable technology options and financial structuring of the project. This report is prepared keeping in view the requirements for obtaining clearances from various government agencies and also to approach financial institutions. Today, there is a serious concern regarding industrial pollution aspects and the necessity to control it. As a part of this, DESEIN carries out a preliminary environmental impact assessment study to identify measures that are required to be implemented as an important part of the project.

DESEIN has prepared more than 200 Feasibility / Detailed Project Reports for Power Projects of capacity upto 4000 MW and of unit sizes ranging from 5 MW to 800 MW. These include-

  • Coal / Lignite fired Thermal Power Plants of capacity upto 4000 MW.
  • Combined Cycle Gas based Power Plants of capacities ranging from 3 MW to 1200 MW.
  • Diesel based Power Plants of capacities ranging from 30 MW to 100 MW.
  • Mini/Micro Hydel Stations of capacities ranging from 300 kW to 750 kW.
  • Captive Power Plants based on Coal / Lignite / Bagasse / Biomass / Gas and in capacities ranging from 3 MW to 220 MW.
  • Bankable Project Reports for Independent Power Producers.

A complete list of Feasibility / Detailed Project Reports undertaken by DESEIN is available under the reference list.