DESEIN and its group companies is today among India's leading Operation & Maintenance Service provider for power stations. Desein is successfully handling O&M contracts for all the major SEBs in India as well as for clients abroad.

DESEIN has successfully undertaken and completed O&M contracts for 4x120 MW power plant built by Deutsche Babcock in LIBYA. This job involved handling a very large desalination plant having a capacity of 40,000 m3/day. This contract was for a period of 4 years. The scope of work also included supervision of performance tests on behalf of the Libyan client, training of local O&M personnel. Desein had deputed a team of 215 persons consisting of Engineers, technical and non technical staff to the plant site in Libya.


LIBYA - O&M Assignment

Complete O&M Contract for 4x120 MW HOMS POWER STATION executed in Libya from 1980 to 1983.

Plant Highlights

  • Four (4) - 375 TPH, 132 bar at 540 C, oil fired Boilers with programmable oil burner management system
  • 4x120 MW, 3 - Cylinder Turbine with Hydrogen cooled Generator
  • 3 auxiliary oil fired Boilers each having a rating of 55 TPH
  • Black start power station with a 10 MW gas turbine unit
  • A 220 KV sub station with SF6 Switch gear and a 30 KV sub station for local area distribution system
  • Hydrogen generation plant & Hypo - chlorite plant for sterile of cooling tower
  • Fire fighting & compressed air plant

Scope of Work

  • Study of plant specifications and review of contractor's commissioning test schedules and working out a detailed and comprehensive
    commissioning test schedule for the entire plant
  • The development of routine test procedures of plant and equipments
  • To develop maintenance schedules
  • To maintain the plant for high availability, and operate the plant with high efficiency
  • To train the client's O & M personnel so that they take over O & M of the plant on completion of the contract period.


  • DESEIN developed a defect notification system which enabled the contractor to remove all defects and thereby made the plant defect free.
  • With deep involvement, rigorous testing & performance guarantee tests enabled taking over a healthy plant from the contractor.
  • Excellent relationship with contractors and consultants enabled DESEIN to absorb the contractor's expertise which in-turn was passed over to the client along with DESEIN's own high level expertise.

Complete O & M Contract for 4 Desalination Plants also executed in LIBYA

This work also performed as part of the Homs Power Station O & M Contract and it included:

  • 4 multistage flash type Desalination units each rated 2,904,000 gallons per day
  • 4 Auxiliary boilers each rated 75 TPH for the 4 Desalination units
  • A chemical blending plant for the production of drinking water is also associated with the Desalination plant

DESEIN has handled / is handling total Operation & Maintenance of many plants in India & Abroad, some of them are :

  • 1 x 24 MW and 1 x 21.56 MW Bagasse based Power Station at Sameerwadi, Karnataka of Godavari Biorefiniries Ltd. (Somaiya Group)
  • 1 x 29.4 MW and 1 x 19 MW Coal / Lignite based Power Station at Dalmiapuram, Trichy, Tamil Nadu of Dalmia Cement Bharat Ltd.
  • 2 x 15 MW Coal based Power Station at Butibori, Nagpur of Indorama Petrochemicals Ltd.
  • 2 x 20 MW Coal based Power Station at U.A.E
  • 2 x 13 M.Kcal / hr & 2 x 14.2 M.Kcal / hr coal fired H.T.M. Plant at Butibori, Nagpur
  • 44.5 MW DG sets at Butibori, Nagpur for Indorama Petrochemicals Ltd.
  • 2 x 43 MW coal fired power plant for Action Ispat & Power Pvt. Ltd. at Jharsuguda, Orissa
  • 1 x 19 MW + 2 x 25 MW Coal / Washery Rejects Power Stations of Jaibalaji Industries Ltd.

Complete Operation & Maintenance of Ash Handling Plants

Many of the Thermal Power Plant Owners have been finding it difficult to effectively handle the operation & maintenance of Ash handling plants, with the result that the full load operation is affected thereby reducing the station PLF.

We are currently handling the complete Operation & Maintenance of many Ash Handling Plants and some of them are:

  • UPRVUNL - Parichha TPS (2x110 MW + 2x210 MW)
  • KPCL - Raichur TPS (4x210 MW)
  • GEB - Wanakbori TPS (7x210 MW)
  • HPGCL - Hissar TPS (2x600 MW)
  • HPGCL - Panipat TPS (2x110 MW)
  • DPL - Durgapur TPS (410 MW)
  • DPL - Dongfang - Durgapur TPS (1x300 MW)
  • DVC - Chandrapura TPS (3x130 MW)
  • HPGCL - Yamunanagar TPS (2x300 MW)
  • DVC - DSTPS (ANDAL) (2x500 MW)
  • WBSEB - Bandal TPS (1x210 MW)
  • KPCL - Bellary TPS (1x500 MW)
  • Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru TPS (3x30 MW)
  • Shree Singaji TPS (2x600 MW)

A complete list of O & M projects undertaken by DESEIN is available under the reference list.