Project / Construction Management

DESEIN firmly believes in addressing project management as a process rather than as an isolated activity. DESEIN brings together nine modules of project management - integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, risk, communication and procurement. We lay great stress on time, cost and scope compliance. Time is the most crucial resource for managing projects, cost reductions could result in better business prospects and return on investment (ROI), scope is the quantification of the strategic objectives and includes all the work required to accomplish the project.

DESEIN has been able to achieve this through the expertise, capability and experience of its core management group, assisted by vast infrastructural resources, deploying state-of-the-art methodology and project management tools like Primavera. DESEIN over the last five decades has provided project management services to a number of projects.


Another important activity that DESEIN performs is inspection & expediting. Equipment and materials are inspected during manufacturing and tests are witnessed at vendors' works to ensure maintenance of desired quality. DESEIN also carries out expediting in order to ensure timely and sequential delivery.

DESEIN views site management also as an important activity for the successful and timely completion of a project. DESEIN's site management includes supervision of construction, erection, testing and commissioning of plant, equipment and facilities to ensure full compliance especially with regard to quality, safety and performance aspects. DESEIN also reviews regularly work plans for achievement of targets, prepares site progress reports highlighting current work status, critical areas and remedial measures, if any, required to be taken for smooth execution of construction activities. On commissioning, DESEINís site commissioning engineers witness performance guarantee tests at site on equipment / systems, review test results and conduct independent calculations to verify test results to ensure that the plant performance meets with the specification requirements.

Based on the feed back received from site regarding modifications made at site, as-built drawings are prepared showing the plant as constructed. This remains as a permanent document for the owner's reference. For a trouble free operation of the plant, DESEIN also reviews all the O & M documents of the vendors and compiles them as a plant O & M manual for use by the O & M contractor.

In the case of DESEINís involvement as an Owner's/Lender's Engineer in a project being executed on an EPC basis, engineering activities are normally limited to review of documents prepared by EPC contractors.