Mission, Vision & Strengths


  • To provide development services to Industries
  • To provide self-reliance in engineering in the country
  • To be a vital link in the development and growth of power engineering in the country
  • To create excellence in engineering through professionalism, high quality, innovative ideas and R&D
  • To provide total services to clients
  • To nurture the profession of engineering and provide fraternity among professionals
  • To grow in profession, scale new heights
  • To provide world class services in the global market
  • To develop and empower engineers both in-house and outside
  • To understand and focus on customer needs so as to provide quality, efficient and economical designs


  • To be the key catalyst in private power development in the country
  • To be the agency to provide total solutions for energy and environment
  • To be an active participant in developing technologies in the power field for the next century


  • India's leading engineering power plant designer with a track record of over 50 years
  • Strong team skills in all engineering disciplines
  • Extensive domestic and international experience
  • Provide engineering services for CFBC, AFBC and Pulverized fuel boilers and non-reheat and reheat turbine
  • Work with domestic & international suppliers of main plant equipment located in USA, Europe, Japan, China, Korea, etc.
  • Modern engineering office with latest facilities and engineering tools
  • Registered with various National and International Agencies