Ash Handling


  • Unlike imported coal (which is of high calorific value at about 5000 Kcal/kg), Indian coal has lower calorific value at 3000 Kcal/kg. This increases the quantity of coal required per unit power generation.
  • Secondly, Indian coal has high ash content (40 to 50%) which is also highly abrasive in nature.
  • As a result, domestic coal based power plant is likely to produce 3 to 5 times more ash than that based on imported coal.
  • The above aspects need special skills to design large capacity ash handling systems for using Indian coal.
  • DESEIN has been responsible for the design & engineering of a large number of Ash Handling Systems for thermal power plants having a total aggregate generating capacity of over 35,000 MW.
  • DESEIN has mastered the complexity of handling large quantity of highly abrasive ash generated from domestic coal in Indian power plants.
  • DESEIN's experience in the design and engineering of Ash Handling Plants backed by its extensive O & M experience is unparalled for any engineering consultancy organization