Plant Betterment & Renovation

Coal / Lignite Fired Power Plants

  • Total Engineering from concept to commissioning which include planning, engineering, procurement, project management, inspection & expediting, supervision of construction & commissioning and post commissioning advisory services
  • Overall power plant system optimization is done by modeling through latest software. Such optimized model is based on customer specific input, conforming to latest / advanced technology available worldwide and targeted to best possible techno-economics.
  • Desein being a multidisciplinary organization, is armed to shape the layout of the complete plant as compact as possible with strategic planning.
  • Desein is in continuous touch with reputed / proven OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and consistently keeps pace with modern technologies available in the international market.
  • Desein is now engineering state-of-the-art Supercritical Power Plant units in 660 MW and 800 MW sizes. Such advanced plants are fuel-efficient, energy-efficient and environment friendly.
  • Desein has technical tie up with overseas associates in the field of "Flue Gas Desulphurization" technology. This technology can be used for fuels having high sulphur content to make it environment friendly.
  • In view of growing crisis of water availability, Desein is configuring plants with air cooled condenser; such equipment is successful where water is scarce / unavailable.
  • The first coal based power plant in UAE is using air cooled condenser. This eliminates the requirement of costly water.
  • In view of current shortage in coal supply in domestic sector Desein is attempting & implementing power plants based on
    • Low grade lignite
    • Biomass (agriculture waste)
    • Waste product (Middlings, char etc.)
  • Such difficult fuel(s) can be burnt in advanced technology of "Fluidized bed combustion" in which fuel burns in suspension. Desein has expertise to engineer plants with such special fuels.
  • Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Technology is a modern method of solid fuel firing, in which particles of about 6 mm size burns either in suspension (Atmospheric FBC) or in circulation (Circulating FBC).While AFBC is preferred for smaller size, CFBC is for bigger size.
  • FBC technology is suitable in any/all of the following conditions:
    • Fuel is of low heat value and cannot be burnt in conventional PF technology.
    • Fuel contains high sulphur, which needs to be captured during combustion.
    • There exists a restriction in NOx emission from chimney.
    • Multi fuel application.