Plant Betterment & Renovation

CoGeneration PLANTS

  • Desein has capabilities to integrate power generation & process steam demand in cogeneration concept. Even more complicated integration where two (or more) steam generators are supplying to two (or more) steam consumers, are also successfully achieved.
  • Overall power plant system optimization is done by modeling through latest software. Such optimized model is based on customer specific input, conforming to latest / advanced technology available worldwide and targeted to best possible techno-economics.
  • Desein being a multidisciplinary organization, is armed to shape the layout of the complete plant as compact as possible with strategic planning.
  • Desein is in continuous touch with reputed / proven OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and consistently keeps pace with modern technologies available in the international market.
  • In view of growing crisis of water availability, Desein is configuring plants with air cooled condenser; such equipment is successful where water is scarce / unavailable.
  • Some of the recent Cogeneration plants for which detailed engineering services were provided:
    • 1x24 MW Cogeneration Plant of Somaiya Group, Mumbai
    • 1x21.56 MW Cogeneration Plant of Somaiya Group, Mumbai
    • 2x10 MW Cogeneration Plant of PT Indo Bharat Rayon, Indonesia